Reformer Instructor

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Reformer Instructor

I am a mother of 2 and a certified Pilates instructor through Tensegrity Training in Melbourne. Often people have asked how I came to the path of teaching Pilates as I was a support engineer in the telecommunication field. Well, long story short …. I always had a long held passion for Yoga that I discovered through practicing with a good friend of mine who was a yoga guru back in the 90’s. Not until 2015 I stumbled into the Pilates world. Frankly, Pilates wasn’t my strong suit at that time because it was out of my comfort zone. However, the more I practiced, the more I fell in love with it and decided to take up the certified Pilates course 3 years ago.

As the introvert I am, being a Pilates instructor at the beginning was again out of my comfort zone. Throughout almost 2 years of teaching, the smiles on students’ faces and welcoming friendships has given me strength to continue my teaching journey. And here I am, doing the job I love and enjoying every moment of it.

Ps: The best way to bring back my zen is to play a round of Candy Crush … who’s with me? (high-five!)

– Reformer Pilates Instructor via Tensegrity Training

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