Reformer Pilates is a safe form of exercise that offers a wide range of benefits that cater to both fitness enthusiasts and those recovering. Most specifically, continuing to move during pregnancy and the postpartum is so important as the body changes during these periods. Such exercises have health benefits for the pregnant person and the unborn child, and reduce the risks of some pregnancy related complications. Reformer Pilates can be that safe environment, in which pregnant or recently given birth clients can feel safe and supported to move their bodies. Here are some facts about doing Reformer Pilates during and after pregnancy:

  • Attending to Reformer Pilates sessions during and after pregnancy on a regular basis can reduce backaches, constipation, bloating and swelling. It will increase your energy, improve your mood and posture, promote muscle tone and strength, and help you sleep better.
  • Reformer Pilates is an excellent form of exercise during pregnancy, as it allows for modifications to movements as required to accommodate the physical changes that occur as pregnancy progresses. Each Reformer Pilates session can be tailored to meet individual needs and goals. Instructors can adjust the resistance and intensity of exercises to challenge participants at their own pace while ensure safety
  • According to the guidelines, pregnant individuals who do not have any pregnancy conditions are encouraged to do both aerobic and muscle strengthening exercises and learn how to do pelvic floor exercises correctly, all of which can be achieved by attending Pilates sessions.
  • Low-Impact Exercise: Unlike some forms of exercise that can be hard on the joints, Reformer Pilates is gentle yet effective. The resistance provided by the springs can be adjusted to suit individual fitness levels, making it suitable for people of all fitness backgrounds.
  • Many exercises in Reformer Pilates focus on alignment and proper posture. By strengthening the muscles that support the spine and improving overall body awareness, participants can achieve better posture both during exercise and in everyday life. This can specifically help during and after pregnancy
  • Reformer Pilates is often recommended by physiotherapists for injury rehabilitation due to its low-impact nature and ability to target specific muscle groups. It can aid in recovering from back pain, joint injuries, and muscular imbalances, which are very common during and after pregnancy, by strengthening the affected areas in a controlled manner.

In conclusion, Reformer Pilates offers a holistic approach to fitness and well-being, combining strength training, flexibility, and mindfulness. Whether you’re looking to build core strength, maintain strength during pregnancy and the postpartum, recover from an injury, or simply improve your overall fitness level, at Pilates Power Reformer Pilates can provide numerous benefits that enhance both physical and mental health. With regular practice and guidance from our qualified instructors, you can reap the rewards of this effective and versatile exercise method. Our studio is located in Doncaster East at a very short distance from Doncaster, Boxhill North, Blackburn North, Park Orchards